In this time we are overwhelmed with information yet unable to take our eyes away from the news and our news feeds. While we have found that being creative helps ease our anxieties, for many it is difficult to harness their creativity without a prompt. We thought that creatively and collaboratively going through a revised version of Reinhold Niebuhr's Serenity Prayer, one stanza a week, would be nourishing.

Whether you chose to engage through other creative means or through the coloring sheet provided, please share your art with the community on social media with the hashtag #LPTSCreativity. If you use facebook, please add your art to the Caldwell Chapel facebook page, by commenting on the original post for each prompt. 

For Week Two the stanza is "Courage to change the things I can."


Thanks to Heather Thum-Gerber for creating this week's coloring page.

Click to download a larger version.

Serenity_WK 2.png


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Serenity coloring 1.png